Liastos Wine


The crest and also the pride of our vineyard and winery.

The whole of Greece is familiar with the New Great naturally sweet wine (the word “liastos” means sun-dried in Greek) whose history dates back to the 1700’s when the famous tradesmen of Siatista would transfer this specific wine to the then noble Europe selling it 10 times more than the equally famous red wine of the town.

The Diamantis family is investing body and soul to a vineyard at an altitude of 910 m whose declinations alone are breathtaking. A blend of Moshomavro, Nigrikiotiko and Xinomavro is composing the beginning of the senses' rhapsody. The selection of the grapes in the vineyard is extremely strict and its yield is not exceeding 4000 kg per hectare.

Next, they are stretched on special wooden constructions ( iliastres; sun beds) and are patiently awaiting their dehydration for at least 3 months in sheltered and airy spaces. The high consistency of the grape and the minimum of its juice left inside is being fermented in oak barrels and is maturing for at least 4 years in dark basements in our winery.

The distinctions of our Liastos Wine commenced with its first bottling (International Wine Contest, Thessaloniki 2010).

Feel free to enjoy it in every quiet moment of the day. It will surely awaken a combination of emotions difficult to put in words.

Served cool at 10oC but also at room temperature 18oC.

Bottles: 500ml and 750 ml (selected barrels).



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